$10,000 loans especially for poor credit borrowers

Sometimes things just seem to pile up and get worse. Especially nowadays with the recession and all. Everyone is having a bit of a hard time, especially when it comes to getting a loan. All of the brick-and-mortar financial institutions are sitting on their money, too scared to lend except to those with the most financial assets or sterling credit histories, and then it is still a tough deal. In spite of all this, there are non-traditional lenders out there who are willing to give loans of up to $10,000, even to those with past credit problems. So, if the end of the month is coming around and the bank account is empty, or you need to make an important purchase, you may qualify for one of these loans to put a little flow back into the cash flow. Just meet a few requirements and you could be on your way to the bank.
Employment Is Paramount
For the most part, meeting the requirements to qualify for a loan from a non-traditional lender is pretty easy. Of course, holding a job is one of the requirements. Any lender expects to be repaid and wants to be sure you have the means to do that. Most lenders look for an employment period with the same firm of at least ninety days. Others may require six months with the same company. A lender, shown signs of stability, such as a steady job, may allow a larger loan of up to $10,000, or more acceptable repayment terms.